Jasminer X41U - ETH and ETC Miner - Economical miner for your home

Good news for everyone who is interested in #Ethereum #Mining (#ETH and #ETC) and is not sure if they can still get into the #Mining business.


Here's the good news, so pay attention 😉

As is well known, Ethereum is the second largest #cryptocurrency next to #Bitcoin. Trust is very high in Ethereum and the upcoming #merge #ETH2.0, according to the Ethereum Foundation, is scheduled to happen sometime this year.
However, crypto experts agree that the merger will probably not come before 2023/2024. So it remains exciting.

You can easily switch the Jasminer X41U from ETH Mining to ETC Mining and continue to earn a lot of money after the merge.


Let's get to the promised good news!

We present you the first #asic #miner that you can operate at home without any problems. This is a real sensation, because the Jasminer X4-1U produces incredibly little waste heat and volume with a #hash power of 520 MHs, with a power consumption of only 240 watts in contrast to its miner colleagues, so that mining is now child's play from home can be operated.

The shape is more reminiscent of a thick notebook or server blade. Slim and efficient, this device fits into every household and is compatible with almost every household.

The #Jasminer #X41U is great to operate in the basement or in the garage, for example. Like all other miners, it should be dry and as dust-free as possible.

With a current income of approx. 350.00 EUR/month. per device is impressive.

Our #support as always in the highest #quality

Our customers can look forward to great support, because we want happy and satisfied customers. Therefore, we are at your side with advice and action when you make a purchase in our shop and, if you wish, we can even set up your miner for you.

We are happy to help you, be it by email, phone or in person.

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