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Anyone who has decided to get into #crypto mining first searches the internet. After all, devices are needed that enable entry and the subsequent time in terms of computing power. Since the market is broad and there are now many suppliers, some of whom also act in a dubious way, a reliable #supplier is worth its weight in gold. You can find out in the following lines why getting started with #mining on our site is now even easier and clearer.

numbers, data, facts

The good news first: While other retailers sometimes confront their customers with long delivery times, we always have the best #Asic #Miner #manufacturers #available in stock. These include #Bitmain, #Goldshell, #iBeLink, #MicroBT, #Innosilicon, #YamiTech, #Bobcat and #Sunlune Miner.

We list them individually in our new view, with the advantage that the key technical data are provided at a glance. For each mining device, the respective coin, the computing power and the power consumption are listed. If you are in a hurry, you can use the button below to send us a purchase request directly. If more details are needed instead, you can click on the link and you will then be provided with all the information your mining heart desires in relation to the hardware.

The bad news? There are none!

On the contrary: The shop view also scores with a ranking of the top ten crypto miners, which also provides information about the monthly income that the operator can achieve thanks to great computing power. The only thing to keep in mind is that with every statement of income (also in the product details), variable factors such as the price of the coin or the degree of difficulty of the computing power play a role. The figures are therefore to be viewed on a daily basis.

We therefore answer every purchase request by email with a daily updated price and #availability of the device, usually within 24 hours. You can also get a comparison of several devices in this way, so that it is no longer difficult to weigh up and make a purchase decision.


Reliable, easy and simple start

The new shop view underlines our approach, which has proven itself not only for us as a reputable provider, but above all for our customers: Whoever invests money in mining devices needs reliable information and details instead of making spontaneous purchases via a shop mask be able. If you wish, we can also offer a hosting solution in our reply email so that you no longer need your own farm.

However, the greatest benefit we offer with the new view is that our site visitors don't have to click through and through to get an overview - the mining rigs are neatly sorted by currency, what a Saves a lot of time and makes getting started much easier. Everyone can choose the devices that best suit their own crypto project. Misleading discount claims, artificial shortages and slogans like “Only available today!” we have done without banners and flashing elements - so the user-friendliness is just as consistent as the quality of the miners listed.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the #Shop https://www.crypto-mining-farm.de/en/crypto-miner-shop-en/ and are looking forward to your feedback.

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