Is it worth having your own crypto mining farm in Germany?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get: “Is it worth having your own #cryptomining farm in #Germany?” We would be happy to answer this question and would like to show you other options for making #cryptomining even more efficient. The whole thing with German safety, without worries and stomach aches!

Crypro mining in Germany

Location security is the most important thing for most #investors and #crypto #mining #farm owners, after all, large sums of money are at stake. The current price of electricity in Germany is around EUR 0.35/kWh – without taking into account your own alternative electricity sources.

There are different cryptocurrencies that can be mined. The biggest and best example is #BitcoinMining. With the current German electricity price of over EUR 0.35 per kWh, it is currently not worthwhile to operate bitcoin mining in Germany. We currently advise against this in Germany.

You can also mine the so-called #Altcoins. These include #Ethereum (#ETH), #EthereumClassic (#ETC), #Dogecoin (#DOGE), #Litecoin (#LTC), #Kadena (#ETC), … and many more! With altcoins, the calculation looks very different. Crypto mining is worthwhile here in a mixed farm (composed of different devices).

Returns of between 0.5 and 3% per month can be achieved. Depending on the current price situation. The annual return thus fluctuates between 6 and 36%. And that at today’s (07/21/2022) crypto courses. If the prices recover again, the return automatically increases noticeably.

If you only commit to Ethereum, the monthly return is currently 7.5%. The annual return is currently 90%. After switching from Ethereum to ETC, the return is currently 5.3% per month. Annual returns are currently 64%.

There are countless choices from a mixed mining farm. Basically, we recommend our customers to mine different cryptocurrencies to spread the risk. In Germany, however, this would mean that the annual return would be lower.

If the #electricity prices in Germany increase, it can be significantly less attractive to operate your mining farm in Germany. You should definitely take this into account!

Alternative locations

If the economic situation in Germany is too uncertain for you and you want to protect your investment from this risk, we offer you an unbeatable alternative solution.

The Smart IT Alliance GmbH has various #MiningFarms in the #USA. The farms are built and operated with the same German precision as our locations in Europe.

You have the option to purchase this from us as a complete mining farm, or to start with a smaller solution – the #KryptoMinerHosting. In both cases we, as your German partner, take over all the work for you. From finding a location to installing a mining farm built in German quality. With the greatest possible security, insurance, etc.!

Which cryptocurrency is worth mining in the USA?

Various altcoins, but also Bitcoin mining is worthwhile in the USA. Depending on your priority of cryptocurrencies and the corresponding returns.

Hosting worldwide

No matter where in the world you want to set up your mining farm, we build every hosting for you. Means you invest and we take care of everything else.

We currently have free hosting capacities in Germany, Europe and the USA.

Furthermore, we are expanding our mining farms in the USA, since the farms there can also be operated according to the USA standard “100% green”! The electricity prices are on average 0.075 – 0.115 euros, it is considerably cheaper when investing in the high KW / MW range.

Here the prices are between 0.0475 – 0.0695 EUR/kWh.

Please have a look at our homepage at:


Crypto mining is worthwhile in Germany as long as the electricity price does not rise significantly higher. However, only with the selection of altcoin miners. Bitcoin mining is definitely not worthwhile in Germany at present and in the future. In the USA, bitcoin mining is worthwhile in addition to altcoin mining.

No matter which location you choose, with Smart IT Alliance GmbH you have a German partner and the certainty that your investment will be profitable.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We help small and large investors!

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