EN Buy crypto mining farm on Amazon?

Since the advent of bitcoin in 2008, there has been an opportunity to participate in the production and transaction processes of cryptocurrencies through mining. Crypto mining was and is a trend from which an entire industry has developed - this has not escaped the notice of the delivery giant Amazon.

In this article you can find out to what extent Amazon is suitable for setting up a mining farm.


The shipping giant and crypto mining

If you enter the relevant search terms on #Amazon, you will get over 9,000 results on #Bitcoin #Mining alone. The list of results contains a large number of different products that customers can buy on the subject of #cryptomining. Among them you will find advice books, but also shelves for the #construction of a #MiningFarm, which are already precisely tailored to the dimensions of certain mining devices, as well as corresponding hardware from well-known manufacturers.

Crypto hardware wallets are also suggested and are a useful addition to the search results.

It is particularly interesting that Amazon seems to offer real #mining devices. These usually come from the respective manufacturers, who resell their devices to distribution platforms and specialized dealers for sale to end customers. However, it would not be correct to describe Amazon as a sales platform. Because if you take a closer look and click on the corresponding suggestions, you will find that prices are often missing or are in the low segment (e.g. €1,500 per device). What is even more striking here, however, is that there is also no information on availability and the big plus point that Amazon normally offers is also non-existent: There are no reviews or statements from users who rate the proposed product. These aspects suggest that it is used hardware that Amazon does not have in stock and certainly cannot be ordered on demand.

Class instead of mass

We know from experience that customers want exactly that - a reliable dealer who has the mining #hardware available and can send it within a very short time. Therefore, we only offer devices on our site that are immediately available and can also be delivered to our customers preconfigured and ready to use. A time delay is not to be feared. Our customers also receive a binding price quotation when they send us a purchase request. We usually answer these reliably within 24 hours on working days. We also have an overview, as we have sorted the miners by cryptocurrency in our new shop view and included the most important technical information for each device.

So you will find everything you need for an easy start into #CryptoMining.

While Amazon, on the other hand, is not to be classified as a delivery partner for hardware, one could at most support products such as mining rig frames or special shelves.

There is also interesting literature on the subject of mining on Amazon, which can be a support, but does not offer any practical experience or support. If you prefer to receive personal support and tips, we are available for all technical questions

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