Whats the lifespan of a crypto miner



The best way to answer this question is with a little story…

A long time ago, when we wanted to expand our #GPU #Mining with #ASIC Mining, we bought a 3-4 year old ASIC #Miner for testing. When it was delivered you could see that it had been through a long period of hard work. It squeaked, rattled and the grilles were rusted, but: it ran – and still runs today – like a 1 and with 100% performance.

ASIC miner

ASIC miners are specially built for sustained and long-term operation and at the same time everything unimportant is reduced. For example, ASICs usually don’t even have an on/off switch or monitor connection. Put simply, it’s a mini wind tunnel with lots of chips in the middle. Of course, all the calculations make the chips very warm and this heat has to be removed.

Those are the main points that sometimes break. Usually one of the 2 or 4 fans gives up the ghost at some point. Replacing the fans is quick and costs between 30 and 50 euros including material.


Repair level 1

In #continuous operation, it sometimes happens that individual chips stop working, but it is not worth replacing a defective chip right away. The ASICs are designed in such a way that they continue to produce at full speed with the other chips. If a #chip #defect occurs, you usually wait until several chips are broken and then send in the #hashboard or the entire miner. You have to keep in mind that the miner will not bring any money during this time.


Repair level 2

The next level of repair is when an entire hashboard fails. Since 1/4 to 1/3 of the miner is no longer producing, it usually makes sense to repair the device.


Repair level 3

If the #ControlBoard fails, it must be replaced in any case, because nothing works without the #control center.

Repair level 4

The last thing that remains is the #PSU, the Power Supply Unit. Here, too, it happens from time to time (but also rather seldom) that it fails to work. The #dive is quick and #replacement usually comes from the manufacturer within a few days.

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