Better invest direct into the coins or direct into crypto mining?

What is the difference between buying a coin and mining?

You can compare #cryptocurrencies very well with #stocks without #dividend #payments.
For example, you can buy bitcoins and wait for an increase in value.

#Crypto #mining, on the other hand, is akin to buying the whole company that owns the shares. Based on the earnings only – not on the stress and effort.
#Cryptomining has now become so easy, for example through our hosting, that it can absolutely be compared to simply #buying a #coin.
When mining, you get your payouts about daily (depending on the coin and number of miners, sometimes every 2 hours).

#Annual #return on a #100K direct investment in #Doge & #Litecoin

If you buy Doge & Litecoins for 100K euros today and the prices rise by 15% within a year, you will have an account balance of 115K after 12 months.
If, on the other hand, the courses fall by 15% in 12 months, then you only have 85K euros in your account.

The important power of the #compound #interest effect does not exist here!

Assuming you keep the coins for 5 years and the price increases by 15% per year, you have around 201K in your account after 5 years, i.e. your investment has roughly doubled.

Annual return on a 100K investment in Doge & Litecoin Mining

If you buy Doge & Litecoin Miner for 100K and place them in our hosting, you have a return of about 6% per month. After 12 months you have about 72K in your account and the miners continue to produce.
If the Doge and Litecoin price falls by 15% in the year, you still have the daily income, albeit reduced by 15%.

If the prices rise, the returns automatically increase, since you are always paid in the currency that you mine.

However, if you keep investing the proceeds in new hardware, the income increases twentyfold in 5 years! In this way, 72K per year suddenly becomes 1.52M euros.
That is the concentrated power of compound interest or reinvestment!


Can Anyone Just Start Crypto Mining? What do you need to know or be able to do?

We have now been able to make the mining investment so charmingly simple that getting started with crypto mining has become child’s play.

– You can easily start mining as a complete novice
– You don’t have to set or program anything
– No need to try the best settings or spend hours searching YouTube for a better solution
– You don’t have to be a millionaire to become a millionaire. What counts is the first step and the continuous expansion of his own small farm
– You don’t have to be an IT nerd


How does the entry into crypto mining work?

1. Either in the shop:, select the desired miner, look for the most profitable in the miner ranking ( or call us and we will suggest an ideal one compilation.
2. The desired miners and number in the shopping cart, since the matching hosting package is included. The matching hosting package appears on the respective miner page below. With the hosting package, you only have to select the power output to match the respective miner. These are all listed by name and you don’t have to look through data sheets
3. Everything in the shopping cart and order.
4. After successful payment you will receive all other important documents, such as the hosting contract.
5. We check every order and if something is not suitable here, we will contact you immediately and correct it together.
6. Your miners will now be retrieved from storage and sent to the chosen hosting location. You don’t have to worry about customs or import sales tax – we’ll do it all for you.
7. We are happy to use the delivery time to discuss the right wallet and pool settings with you. We are also happy to help you set up the ideal exchange (where you can exchange your coins for euros).
8. Once the miners have arrived at the hosting location, they are processed, set up and put into operation in the order in which they were ordered.
9. Approximately 1 hour after setup, you can already see the first results in your pool view. Approximately another 24 hours later your daily payouts will begin.
10. From now on you will always receive the monthly bill for the electricity and hosting costs at the beginning of the month.
11. All you have to do is enjoy your earnings and buy more miners whenever it suits you so that you can experience the full power of reinvest / compound interest yourself.

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