EN Startwith that Kadena Miner KD6 through - a unbelievable straon mining device

The next few lines will be extremely interesting for anyone interested in mining Kadena. We offer our customers the #KD6Miner, which we can also preconfigure on customer request so that it can be put into operation immediately after delivery.

Why Kadena?

For those who are not yet familiar with #Kadena: Kadena is a strong competitor for all smart contract platforms, such as #Ethereum or #Cardano. This is a separate programming language called Pact. This has been battle tested in production use for over two years and differs from the other languages ​​in that Pact is readable by non-developers and bugs are automatically detected before they can be exploited.

In the mining scene, Kadena is traded as one of the #highest-yield #mining devices alongside Ethereum and #Dogecoin. This is not least due to the incredible #income of 15,000 EUR per month, which is just about 6 months ago.

With the Kadena Miner, operators can look forward to a great and recurring income of between approx. 1,000 and 8,000 EUR.


The price

Let's now come to the second positive point, in addition to the yield, which has been so blatant war, like no other device! In the current correction phase, it is even more worthwhile to secure mining devices, why we are now explaining to you.

We are all familiar with the issue of supply and demand. When prices are strong, the mining equipment is significantly more expensive, but why? Quite simply, since the devices achieve a higher yield. For example, the KD5 (predecessor model) with an income of 15,000 EUR per month cost -> 80,000 EUR!

With slower courses, the devices are significantly cheaper. The purchase prices of the Kadena miners vary roughly between 30 - 80 thousand euros.


So if you want to get into Kadena Mining,
is the best start in our opinion NOW!


Usual quality support

Anyone interested in purchasing #KadenaMiners is welcome to send us their request. As always, we are at your side with advice and action to make it easy to start crypto mining. You can also find answers to questions about volume, weight and other product details on our website at: https://www.crypto-mining-farm.de/en/goldshell-kd6-kadena-miner-2/

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