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The dream of every self-employed person is to save on expenses while maximizing income. There are few ways that can bring out this business potential of a company. Little or no effort with high incomes? In the following lines you will find out exactly how this works and what you need in terms of start-up capital.

Dream or reality?

During operation of a #MiningFarm, everything is more reminiscent of a science fiction film, dark, flashing lights and a loud noise. If you have not yet dealt with the subject of “#CryptoMining”, it is difficult to imagine having your income gold mine in a mining farm. But don’t worry, this is not fiction, but reality, because the red or green flashing lights are the indicator lights of the individual miners. They are installed on the respective computers (crypto miners) for control purposes. As soon as the light is switched on in the mining farm, it no longer looks like science fiction. Huge fans cause a loud noise, because the #CryptoMiner are responsible for the deafening volume, since the computers have to be cooled.

The computers (crypto miners) only have the task of solving highly complex arithmetic tasks.

For each successfully solved arithmetic problem there is a reward for which one is paid in the calculated #cryptocurrency. These rewards (payouts) occur from the first day and every day.

Any crypto miner (computer) can mine a currency. If you want to position yourself more broadly and not commit yourself to a digital cryptocurrency, you need the appropriate devices for this.

How to start your crypto mining business
Different variants are possible, it depends on your investment

Under EUR 500,000 it makes sense to have the crypto miners operated by a #hoster. This means that the hoster has the necessary infrastructure (expertise, power connection, hall or container, shelves, employees, etc.) so that you can start immediately. This means you secure a slot and your income will start in a few weeks.

When setting up your own mining farm, you should expect an investment of at least EUR 1 million. You need a suitable power connection and the conditions to be able to operate the mining on site. Still high installation costs and the necessary manpower. The beginning of the first intake will probably last about 6-12 months and high installation costs. In our opinion, the most important factor is the electricity price, which should be less than 0.15 cents if possible.

There is, of course, the option of having the entire investment volume hosted. You don’t need your own staff, rental space or knowledge of #mining. This is the most charming way to mine your own crypto. Furthermore, places in the world can be used for hosting without having to change your place of residence, since the hoster takes care of all matters.


It does not have to remain a dream, but can become reality and it is also really difficult not to build up a passive fortune with crypto mining. We from the Smart IT Alliance GmbH team are happy to help you with the implementation and your successful way into crypto mining. Make an appointment with us today and receive your individual, unbeatable crypto mining offer. We look forward to you!

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