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Our new online shop went off with a bang!

It is a big challenge on the #cryptomarket to reliably offer and sell #Miners. We have taken on this task and are happy to be able to help you with your #Mining success with our #Shop.

Why is the crypto market so difficult?

The #ASIC #Miner #prices depend heavily on the price of the #currency they produce.

Have you opted for the Antminer L7 (a #Doge & #Litecoin Miner), then you always have to get a binding price from the supplier first. This price is usually only valid for one day.

If you order this miner now and send the payment, it can take 1-2 days before the money is credited to the supplier and the order is confirmed.

If Doge and Litecoin increases by e.g. 10% during this time (which happened often enough in the past), then the miner price also increases at the same time. It’s the same the other way around, albeit with a time delay.

But there are so many shops with such super low prices

There are countless shops with fantastically tempting prices. But if you get to the bottom of this and also check the reputation of the individual shops, the shop jungle clears up very quickly. Often there are bait offers or the miners are not in stock at all. Fake or scam shops are even more common. We have also been able to experience this first hand.

We are all the more pleased that we can offer our customers reliable service, great support and reliable prices. We sympathize with every customer, because we ourselves started small and have gradually expanded our farms. Unfortunately, there was no reliable provider of crypto hardware in Germany at that time.

Why do we sell the #hardware and not use it ourselves?

Of course we also mine ourselves. This is how we started and built our business.

During this time, we unfortunately had to have bad experiences with unreliable suppliers and shops, and that’s exactly what we want to protect our customers from. We cannot help everyone, nor can we take the cheapest price. After all, we want to be there tomorrow when the next miners are to be bought.


#cryptomining #freedom

The #cryptomining business is so great and we want to help as many people as possible to make a living from it. Cryptomining creates a freedom that is indescribable. We have just experienced this first-hand with the electricity price explosion in Germany. If a region is too unsuitable or too expensive for mining, then the miners are simply and quickly packed and sent to a new location. The small ASICs / high-performance servers are robust and built for the most adverse conditions and are tough. Most don’t even have an on/off switch. Plug in the power cable and LAN and he’ll start working hard – no matter where he is and even possible in the deepest desert.

And you will find exactly these hard-working workhorses in our new shop:

We look forward to your visit

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