EN Innovative approaches for green crypto mining

The high power consumption required for #mining is now probably the biggest point of criticism from #Bitcoin opponents. Even if mining is not yet climate-neutral, the #BitcoinMiningCouncil (#BMC) estimates the share of #renewable #energies for mining #cryptocurrencies to be almost 60 percent.

In hardly any other industrial sector is there so much work on innovative ideas to be able to use energies more green and efficiently than in the crypto industry.

We would therefore like to present two of these solutions to you as examples in the following lines.


Crypto Solar Tree

Canadian e-bike manufacturer Daymak claims to have developed the first zero-emission #cryptomining solution, the #Crypto #SolarTree. According to the manufacturer, this product should be able to generate up to eleven kilowatts of power with solar and wind energy. As the name suggests, the Crypto Solar Tree is reminiscent of a tree from a #vision of the future. #Solarpanels and #windturbines are arranged on a kind of trunk, which allow the integrated energy storage to store the electricity for up to two days.

In order to mine emission-free cryptocurrencies with the Crypto Solar Tree, the company submitted a #patent application for the so-called Nebula technology. This makes it possible to mine and manage different cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it should also be possible to connect external mining #hardware and thanks to the mining, the futuristic crypto tree should have paid for itself after just two years.

According to Daymak, the Crypto Solar Tree can be set up in the home garden or in public parks.

In addition to mining, the passive income can be increased by feeding excess electricity into the grid.

According to the manufacturer, the first Crypto Solar Trees should be available next year, but can already be pre-ordered.


Mining with coal waste

Pennsylvania-based company - Stronghold Digital Mining- has found a new #ecofriendly way to mine cryptocurrencies using #coalwaste. To do this, Stronghold Digital Mining harvests the by-products of decades-old #coal power plants to power their hundreds of #MiningRigs.

The waste from the coal mining process can cause a number of environmental problems. For example, the coal ash produced when coal is burned can seep into groundwater. This is problematic because coal ash contains heavy metals, among other things, which are considered carcinogenic.

By using the coal ash to power the mining rigs, Stronghold prevent the coal ash from reaching the people of Pennsylvania.

The crypto mining company collects the coal ash from a nearby mine and then processes it in a processing plant. To generate the energy for mining, the coal ash is sorted and crushed after processing and then burned in a boiler building.

Stronghold was thus able to find a way to dispose of the coal waste safely while generating electricity for crypto mining at the same time.

But not only the two companies mentioned above show that mining cryptocurrencies can also be environmentally friendly. More and more miners are jumping on the train of sustainability and developing innovative solutions to protect our planet. Ascending trend.

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