Crypto mining and scalability - how our hardware helps generate more revenue!

If you decide to start mining #cryptocurrencies, you are choosing an exciting path with long-term future prospects. The main interest is to earn a good #income that is predictable, secure, independent of banks and available worldwide without having to be physically present.
The best way to implement this project is when #cryptominingfarms are delivered ready-to-go, as is the case with us.
Tax relief and the possibility of depreciating hardware make entry into the #crypto #mining #business even more attractive.
However, it is the case that every entrepreneur has an interest in scalability - a working concept must be duplicatable so that sales and income are not capped and can be easily increased over the years.


Good number of devices

We can fulfill this wish of our customers in two ways. On the one hand, we always advise interested parties not to buy just one device, but rather 3 or 4, since the setup for a crypto mining operation makes little sense due to its complexity for a single device. #Mining #hardware can be viewed as an in-house employee who is active 365 days a year and does not take sick days or holidays. So why not hire several employees who can achieve much more together than one person? Scalability is especially fun with successful projects, so that it can be realized on the one hand by the number of devices purchased. Americans like to say, "the more the merrier," meaning "the more that join, the better the party.“

Mine different coins

On the other hand, #scalability can be achieved by the fact that we offer a nice selection of different mining devices and can therefore also mine different cryptocurrencies. With our hardware we not only enable #Bitcoin mining, but also #Dash, #Ethereum, #Kadena, #Litecoin and #Dogecoin mining. This is attractive, among other things, because we have high-quality hardware from the market leader in our range, such as some models from Bitmain's Antminer series. For example, someone who wants to participate in crypto mining as an alternative to Bitcoin can mine Ethereum and Kadena in parallel and, after amortization, achieve more profits through diversification than if they were only betting on a single cryptocurrency. We also present two possible crypto mining pools on our site that miners can join.


A well-rounded portfolio

With us you will not only find great opportunities to scale your crypto yields, but also easy entry options that are not a matter of course everywhere. From state-of-the-art individual devices to ready-made crypto mining farms that are already connected and diligently making money, we can offer everything. Our customers are happy about highly profitable crypto mining and fast and professional implementation.

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