EN Crypto mininhg and inflation
Inflation describes the phenomenon of currency devaluation and now has Germany firmly in its grip – values ​​of 5 to 7 percent per year are no longer uncommon. Consumers are feeling the rise in #inflation as they #shop every day and are dismayed that the cost of living is becoming ever more expensive. In this article you can find out what mining has to do with it and how #crypto #mining can be used to protect against inflation.

Changed framework conditions

If you have a small private fortune or collect savings in a #bankaccount, you have to reckon with the fact that your own money will be worth significantly less in a few years due to high inflation. You can literally watch it lose value. However, at the same time it is the case that the traditional #investment market no longer offers the opportunities that used to exist to counteract the phenomenon of currency devaluation. Stock markets have become unstable and classic investments require a lot of patience and time, which not everyone necessarily has. Even more: If money is stored in the bank account, negative interest rates must be expected in the near future or already now, depending on the institute. The introduction of a digital euro, which is planned for the near future and is to go hand in hand with the abolition of cash, will encourage this unpleasant development even more.

Be one step ahead

Since we have been offering #cryptomining for some time and are in close contact with our customers, we know that many #crypto #miners are enthusiastic on day one - because mining cryptocurrencies makes money from the moment the mining hardware is connected to the mains is connected. There is therefore no time lag between input and output. The hardware that we offer in our crypto mining shop enables Kadena Mining, Ethereum Mining and Bitcoin Mining, among others. Those who have some saved money are usually even grateful that they can use it to invest in mining hardware without it lying uselessly in the bank account and losing value. Our buyers receive a real equivalent that brings them further income in the form of cryptocoins. These are already digital and therefore ten steps ahead of any digital currency introduction anyway. Afterwards there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to selling the coins. In this way, crypto miners do not have to fear a loss in the value of their money and can wait in peace and quiet until the price of their generated coin has reached a worthwhile number in order to sell the earnings and convert them into fiat money.
We also have the option of becoming the owner of an already connected and well-functioning crypto mining farm. If you move in this range, the yields are already so large that inflation no longer plays a role. We cordially invite you to take a look around our #AntminerShop and #KadenaShop, discover the latest #Asichardware and don't give inflation a chance - it's worth it!

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