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Crypto mining is more than just a technical trend - many people have developed a valid business basis from it, which brings them new income every day without having to make their labor available. Only the planning at the beginning is decisive, because every detail should be considered, from the power connection to the #hardware to the right #fire protection concept. The question, however, is who to turn to if you want to set up a #crypto project properly?

In the following we give you five reasons that speak for us as the market leader.


1. Overall concept

We at Smart IT Alliance GmbH (#smartitalliance) not only pay attention to the individual delivery for each customer, but primarily to keeping an eye on the overall concept. And that's exactly how you recognize a good service provider: It's not about selling individual devices or making short-term sales. Each #mining project is to be considered individually and requires special features as well as solutions for general aspects, such as power connection, #warehouse, #noise protection, etc. We take this into account in our #offer preparation and design a coherent overall concept that can then be implemented together.


2. Short delivery times

Elsewhere, interested parties have to put up with longer delays because hardware is not so easy to obtain and individual suppliers have long delivery times for #cryptomining hardware. Thanks to our subsidiary in Hong Kong, we can score with lightning-fast implementation and inspire our customers with short delivery times. Long waits for the delivery of devices are not an issue for us.


3. Excellent shop view

Our new shop view ensures that all available mining devices are displayed at a glance. They are sorted by #cryptocurrencies and provide direct information about the most important technical data. Hours of searching for individual information and a lack of an overview are therefore also non-existent with us. There is hardly a shop view on the net in which all services related to crypto mining are listed more clearly.


4. Tax assistance

Crypto mining is fun and also brings handsome #income after the devices have been amortized. Sooner or later the #tax office will also be interested in these, so that tax aspects must not be ignored. However, many freshly minted #Miners feel left alone with the topic and are therefore grateful for our connection to one of the most experienced tax lawyers in the industry, whom we give every customer as a recommendation. From a tax point of view, nothing can go wrong.


5. News updates and informative blog articles

Last but not least, the fact that we keep customers and interested parties alike up to date with our news and blog section and offer permanent added value with exciting blog articles speaks for us.

Often there is useful information from the industry, which everyone can use for themselves and is made available on our website completely free of charge. As soon as something extraordinary happens in the crypto world, you will definitely hear about it from us first!

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