KD6 von Goldshell - Kadena Miner


The Asic miners for Kadena mining from the manufacturer Goldshell have made an impressive leap in Q4 2021.

Income of 10-15,000 euros per month was often seen and we rate the potential of the Kadena network as very high. Just the ability to handle over 400,000 transactions per second with the security of the Proof of Work process is incredible

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Kadena Blockchain

Advantages of the Goldshell KD6

High yields

The #GoldshellKD6 delivers constant and high yields and is a reliable #AsicMiner in your #CryptoMiningFarm. The #Kadena #Blockchain has already shown its #potential in the past and 5-digit #revenues per month were not uncommon!

400,000 transactions / s

With #400000transactions per second, the Kadena blockchain manages more than 57,000 times as many transactions per second as #Bitcoin and with the same security of the #ProofofWork #PoW procedure!

Fast delivery

This #Asic #Miner is available from stock and will usually be with you within 1-2 weeks.

Wallets & Exchanges

At #Coinmetro.com and #Gate.io, Kadena can already be easily converted to #FIAT and other #exchanges are planning to #list Kadena (#KDA)

Goldshell KD6 Kadena Miner

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What our customers say about the ASIC miner KD6

Really a wonder weapon in mining. Hopefully the price will recover soon, it was nicer when the earnings were still over 10,000 euros 🙂

We started with the KD5 and K1+ and are super happy with our Kadena miners. Thanks for the good advice! Now we are expanding our Ethereum division with the YM-100, let's see how well they run.

I would have liked to have had 1000 devices from in winter 2021 :)))

I'm curious how the KD Lite run. The price of it is currently really unbeatable.

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