en What crypto mining has to do with real estate ownership

In times of uncertain #investment markets, many #investors speak of #real estate, which is generally considered a comparatively safe #investment and generates #monthly #income in the form of #rental income. One speaks of "#concrete gold", which is certain insofar as the need for living space will continue to exist in the future. In this article, we are happy to tell you what real estate has to do with #cryptomining.


Parallels of both areas

#Real estate owners speak of #passive income when they have the opportunity to rent out their real estate property and to provide tenants with living space accordingly. Anyone who deals with crypto mining as a part-time or full-time job will recognize themselves in this case: Passive income can also be generated with mining, since nobody has to actively make their work available - computers achieve computing power that is rewarded with cryptocoins and at any time time can be exchanged for fiat money. In this way, many people could and can generate considerable income and earn money without much effort. Rentals can be offered in the commercial and private sectors, so the range of possibilities is wide. The same applies to mining: Various coins can be mined, so that prospective miners have a choice.

One might assume that #crypto #mining and real estate ownership behave exactly the same in many respects.


Passive = passive?

However, property owners are more committed and involved when problems arise in the tenancy. There may be repairs to the property during the year, which are at the expense of the landlord. It is also possible that rents are lost because someone is no longer able to pay – many landlords were recently confronted with this very problem during the Corona crisis. Therefore, neither in the commercial nor in the private sector is income secure.

There are far fewer risk factors when mining #cryptocurrencies, since the income is not generated by other people's wallets, but by computers that always run the same performance like clockwork.

Anyone who took care of a reasonable #setup at the beginning (#fire protection technology, #cheap #electricity connection, brand new #hardware, #building insurance, alternative #hosting solutions) can assume that coins will be mined regularly and without problems and he or she will be there for a long time Time will have joy in passive #money #earning.


This eliminates the stress factor that real estate does not always bring with it, but in some cases it does. In addition, although there are higher initial costs for crypto mining, these are usually far below the amounts that you have to pay to buy a property.

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