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Do you have your own Asic miners and are you still looking for a suitable hoster? Then we have good news for you, because we also host your existing hardware that you did not purchase through us. In today’s article we will tell you what reasons a hoster change can have, what requirements are necessary for this and how the whole thing works.

Why do few hosters host third-party devices?

On the one hand, the condition of the third-party devices can vary. Depending on the previous location, the device may be heavily soiled or damaged. #AsicMiners may be sent that are already defective. An installation of #third-party devices is therefore much more complex.

On the other hand, the #hoster no longer earns money when purchasing the devices.

Reasons for a #provider #change

Sharply #increasing #electricity costs in #Europe and the surrounding area can be a reason for a change of provider. Above a certain electricity price, mining is simply no longer worthwhile, after all #crypto #mining is supposed to be profitable. This is the only way to make crypto mining fun!

Furthermore, dissatisfaction with your current hoster can be another reason.

The reasons can be long off-times, many opaque repairs, sharply increased prices or your provider’s lack of fast response times.

From how many #Asic #miners can you come to our #hosting?

From 10 Asic miners you can come to our hosting. If you have fewer miners and still want to host with us, you can send a separate request to:

We would be happy to check whether we can find a suitable solution for you.

What is the process of a change?

The first thing you should check is your contract? How long are you bound to your contract and how much does it cost if you leave early? As a rule, you can get out of any hosting contract early, so it’s best to read your #hosting contract.

As soon as you have canceled your contract, have your previous hoster confirm the cancellation period and have your hardware sent back to you in an original box.

As soon as we have received your hardware, it will be checked for dirt, functionality and other damage. A status report is created for each device. This gives both parties an overview of the current status of your hardware.

Functional hardware is assigned and connected according to your purchased slots.

Unfortunately, non-functional hardware can only be included in our hosting after it has been repaired. If possible, we offer to repair them in our workshop or to send them to us for free manufacturer warranty (if still available).

You want to move with a whole Asic Miner farm?

We are also happy to help you if you move an entire mining farm! Please contact us at:

You have your own mining farm, but would like to have it hosted in the future?

You can also book this option through us. Please send us your specific data here and we will make you a suitable offer.

Do you have another option that hasn’t been mentioned yet?

Make an appointment with us, we will find a solution for you too.

our promise:

  • no hidden costs
  • We stick to what we agree with you
  • You secure your electricity price for at least 2 years
  • Fast hands-on
  • No unnecessary off times
  • Reliable partner

We take care of your Asic miners as if they were our own machines

We look forward to your contact request!

You can reach us at:

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Phone: +49 5063 632979-0

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