The summer holidays have already started in most federal states and while many people long to spend a carefree and free time, the current economic situation says otherwise:

Due to drastic inflation rates, increased #energy and #food prices and increased key interest rates, it is likely that the #German #economy is heading for a #recession that will last for a long time. In this article you will find out how you can prepare for this and use the summer slump to plan and build a profitable future.

In summer it’s always a bit as if the world stops and works in a slower mode: Cheerful barbecue evenings outside and the holiday mood sweeten the time. It’s all the nicer when you can enjoy them carefree with your loved one.

However, the summer holidays are also useful if you want to focus on a new project, because then there is space and time to plan things in peace.

We cordially invite you to deal with the topic of crypto mining and to plan your own mining project. Anyone who wanted to #invest in #real estate in the near future, for example, will have a difficult time ahead of them due to rising #key interest rates and even higher #interest rates for #bank lending. In the crypto market, on the other hand, other rules apply: #cryptocurrencies are organized decentrally and there are no central banks that dictate exchange rates or artificially make things more expensive.

In our Miner Shop we offer hardware for a wide range of coins that mine shares of the respective currency reliably and every day, so that miners can build up a nice portfolio over the next few years that is not linked to key interest rates or inflation rates.

Good planning of the mining farm as A and O

Although your own mining farm requires planning, it is still easy to get started quickly with our help – for example, because we can deliver mining hardware to the customer ready to use and pre-installed. But also because, thanks to our partner company in Hong Kong, we don’t have long delivery times where several weeks go by without making any progress. If questions arise about the control concept or fire protection concept, we can also help.

We are particularly proud of our clear shop view, which can be seen both as an ASIC hardware shop and as a Kadena shop or Antminer shop. Because we have all these miners in our program! The selection of mining hardware is correspondingly diverse and sorted according to the individual cryptocurrencies. In the first step you will also find the most important technical data for the devices and can go directly into depth from the planning stage.

The amount of positive customer feedback we’ve received from our customers so far gives us a solid foundation for what we’re doing. It’s even possible to buy large-scale crypto mining farms that are already connected and running. You can find out more about this on our website. We look forward to your visit and, above all, to using the summer together to start a successful future and a productive winter.

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