Thanks to us as a partner, mining will be even easier in the future: Gone is the complicated #location search and the guesswork about what to do if you don’t have a suitable building to place your #mining #devices yourself.

We now offer great #hosting solutions that are unique and even include #alternative #energies. You can find out more about these exciting opportunities here and now – we are delighted to once again be a pioneer and to be able to offer our customers excellent service.

First-hand hosting

What to do if you have bought a suitable #AsicMiner and want to really get started in #cryptomining, but there is not enough space to set up the devices?

Quite simply: save yourself the search for a hall or an expensive power connection and use our hosting solutions. With us it is possible to buy devices and let us take care of the hosting – from just 9.5 cents!

We can now even offer our customers the #USA as a location: Due to #cheap #electricity prices, which Germany can by no means keep up with, this option is really worth it.

But we also have great opportunities to store your own devices in other countries and always offer slots that are available. You can not only secure low electricity prices, but also optimal all-round support for your devices, because the security guards through camera surveillance and redundant Internet and firewall ensure the security of your hardware. Normally, these are issues that each miner would have to solve for himself in detail when renting premises independently. Quite apart from scolding neighbors who complain about any noise from the devices.

Start possible immediately

We can offer our top solutions immediately, so you don’t have to accept any delays and can start crypto mining easier than ever. We call it mining to go – just select the right equipment and start it, we’ll take care of the rest. But it gets even better: Since sustainability is not only a top priority for us, but also for our customers, it is possible to get completely green electricity at the site for a small surcharge.

In the case of the USA as a location choice, for example, this is only three cents and then supplies your mining devices with energy from wind, water and solar. Collocation is possible from one megawatt. Gone are the days when you had to have a bad conscience because of the power consumption. Each miner runs on your own wallet and you can take any pool you see fit.

When it comes to allocation, we work on a first-come-first-serve principle, so it’s worth securing places early, as slots are always free. In Germany we offer #ASICHosting and #GPUHosting, in the USA it is hosting for #ASIC #Miner.

Both #third-party devices and miners purchased through us can be used for hosting.

In short: Flexible, green solutions if required for a quick and safe start – if that’s not a summer hit? Let’s write it together, we look forward to your inquiry.

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