en Ethereum 2.0 merge postponed until further notice

The #Ethereum 2.0 #merge is still a long time coming. The merger had already been announced several times in the past, most recently for #August #2022, but this date has been canceled.

In order to make the conversion of the protocol ecosystem and #blockchain future-proof, work has been going on on Ethereum 2.0 since 2018. The developers face a huge challenge.

Energy saving

The thought process of saving energy and saving medium-term capacities of our ecosystem is worth the effort, because Ethereum 2.0 should save about 99 percent of the energy used in the network so far.

Merge ETH2.0 appointment

ETH 2.0 is on the home stretch and the transition to Proof-of-Stake will happen in the next few months/years. When this date will be exactly, however, is unclear. The chief developer Tim Beiko announced on Twitter that the merge would be postponed by a few months, but he did not give any reasons. A specific date was not published. Development work still needs to be done on many details, the Ethereum inventor #Vitalik #Buterin announced in January 2022.

Ethereum is the second largest #cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of a good 370 billion US dollars. An error in the merge will directly affect this asset and would set Ethereum back years. Therefore, investors are not complaining about the unimplemented merger.

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