4 reasons why doom and gloom is misplaced

Very few will have missed the fact that skeptics of the #crypto-scene are once again #predicting the #fall, since Bitcoin has not moved for months, the #TerraLunaCrash #investors has been shaken and the stock markets are also in the basement. It has been observed for some time that the prices of cryptocoins behave similarly to the stock market. The reason behind this is in large part because, like the stock market, they are considered an investment opportunity, and investors around the world are just plain cautious right now.

Voices are already being raised in the industry that #cryptocurrencies are imminent. In the following lines you will find out why even experts are wrong with this assessment.


Reason 1:

#Crypto #Mining, on which the production of the coins and the respective system are based, is becoming more attractive instead of less popular. #Alternative #power sources and great green energy solutions make mining easy and less harmful to the environment. Ideally, operators of large mining farms can even save a lot on conventional electricity costs by using #geothermal #energy or #solar power. There is also always better hardware that specializes in mining cryptocurrencies and guarantees excellent results (you can find products for this in our shop).


Reason 2:

Those declared dead live longer - #Bitcoin, like its market companions #Ethereum, #Ripple & Co., have often been declared worthless and bankrupt, which has always turned out to be a false prophecy and, interestingly, always comes from corners associated with major central banks or parties that are not well-disposed toward cryptocurrencies. Most recently, #Cryptos should die in 2020, when many investors withdrew funds due to the emerging #CoronaCrisis. The opposite was the case: At the end of 2021, most coins reached a new #all-time high.


Reason 3:

The #cash ban is imminent - while house banks can then proceed to charge accumulated money in the accounts of private individuals with #penalty interest, crypto wallet owners and #miners will continue to enjoy free payment transactions and the free accumulation of assets.


Reason 4:

The crypto industry is bigger and stronger than ever before - there are now their own congresses (e.g. Bitcoin Congress in Miami in March 2022), specially developed #tax concepts, first-class hardware suppliers, increasing acceptance of payment and shop systems (e.g. payment via Bitcoin) and innovative mining concepts (e.g. helium via router). The market power of the industry has become indispensable and will at best increase instead of dying out.



A demise of cryptocurrencies is not realistic and should not concern us. It makes much more sense to deal with questions about alternative energies and good solutions for crypto mining.

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