DE Visa Krypto-Kredit-Karten

With the acceptance of #payments in #cryptocurrencies, there are now a large number of #VISA credit cards.

 It is a new connection between digital and traditional currencies.

 When founding VISA, Dee Hock’s vision was to be the world’s leading money transfer system provider. From today’s perspective, this also includes cryptocurrencies. That’s why VISA enables transactions over the payment network in cryptocurrencies, in USD Coin (#USDC), a regulated #stablecoin backed by the US dollar and settled on the Ethereum blockchain.

 Billions of dollars move through Visa’s transaction service every day.

 There are “Bitcoin credit cards” for example from #Nuri, #Vivid Money, #Coinbase, #Revolut,, #Binance, #Wirex and #Bitpanda.

 There are some differences per provider, so check beforehand which one suits you best. Offers: 0€ annual fee, savings plan and trading with #Bitcoin and #Ethereum possible, withdraw and pay worldwide, 1% CRO cashback on all purchases, Google Pay enabled and much more.

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