News of the week, PayPal will expand its crypto service

Good news, Vice President #RichardNash announced at the #World Economic Forum in Davos that #PayPal will expand its crypto integration.

PayPal's plan is to include #Bitcoin (#btc) and #Ethereum (#eth #eth2) in its crypto strategy. This means, among other things, offering the service for #crypto and also taking into account the #digital #central bank money. We are talking about #CBDC`s (Central Bank Digital Currency).

The Board of Directors held out the prospect of offering its services in other regions. In some countries such as the #USA and #Great Britain, it has been possible to pay with cryptocurrencies since 2021.
For everyone outside of the named countries, there are crypto exchanges that can be used for buying, selling and as a payment service.

It remains exciting when cryptocurrencies will be used across the board as a digital means of payment, as in El Salvador and Central Africa.

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