en Crab market and stagnation – quo vadis crypto?

Since the all-time highs in November last year, the #crypto market has #collapsed and stagnated – the reasons for this are varied, but also prove again that the crypto market is behaving similarly to the #stock #market, which is clearly under the announcement of interest rate hikes, economic instability and the #Ukraine #war had to suffer. Most coins are currently stagnating in value and give rise to various speculations about the further course or further price development: A #bull #run is longed for and is even more than realistic according to some analysts. You can find out what this is all about in the following lines.

The “Crab Market”

There is currently no talk of a bear or a bull market when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Rather, one reads of a “crab market”, which, thanks to the behavior of the small sea creatures, clearly illustrates how most prices are currently behaving: They are moving sideways, like crabs that only move sideways. This is particularly frustrating for those who got into the stock last year and are now eagerly waiting for an upward movement to be able to make up for the loss in value from the beginning of the year. There have been times when cryptos have buckled and then miraculously recovered. One of the most striking examples of this was the Corona crisis, which at the beginning of 2020 caused values ​​to plummet on both the crypto and stock markets. It is therefore only logical that observers expect a recovery to begin soon.

Analysts with great forecasts

Some analysts even go so far as to anticipate one of the largest bull markets in history – if you believe Mike McClone, a well-known Commodity Strategies from Bloomberg, a legendary bull run could actually be just around the corner. Above all, he emphasizes that the price for entry is currently low and therefore offers attractive opportunities. He also does not rule out that the crypto adaptation as an experiment will ultimately fail, but considers the opposite to be much more realistic. Crypto Twitter analyst KALEO also makes similar statements, as he believes the rally is due in early 2023, which will then be accompanied by an equally great altcoin season. He predicts a new all-time high for Bitcoin from late 2024/early 2025 and also sees the NFT hype for 2025 as groundbreaking. This one will be like nothing we’ve seen before, he tweeted last week.

The historical data prove the two analysts right: every crash was followed by a halving and every halving by a bull run.

We are looking forward to this exciting time and will continue to be available with great solutions for everything to do with crypto mining.

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