Crypto mining farms turnkey – Asic crypto miners in stock

High Crypto Mining Yields


Crypto mining farms ready 2 go in Germany, Switzerland, USA and Norway. Selected areas for your farm, ready for a quick and reliable start

Ready 2 go

We have numerous mining locations ready for a quick and profitable start.

Most projects in Germany, USA, Norway and Switzerland.

100% depreciation

We have all the important professionals at the table, including the experts for ideal tax implementation.

Miner Hosting

You can host all miners, bought through us, with us. We take care of everything and you receive your crypto payments without any work. You can even host entire farms with us.

We deliver, check and install your miners
Mining couldn't be more relaxed. All devices are checked, installed and set to your wallet and pool. We would be happy to give you a suitable recommendation here
On request: 100% green energy
On request and only for a small surcharge, you can purchase 100% green electricity (not every location is possible).
Operate green crypto mining with a clear conscience and earn a lot of money!
Expandable at any time
We are constantly expanding our hosting capacity and look forward to every additional location with great electricity offers and opportunities.
You can increase your miner team at any time and earn even more without any effort
Freely selectable miner distribution
You can host any well-known manufacturer with us (assuming the CE mark). And you are welcome to put together your mining portfolio freely. We always have all major manufacturers in stock.

Mixed Mining packages

Krypto Mining Start Set