en What does the Federal Reserve Bank have to do with founding a mining Company?



Mining GmbHs

In 2020 / 2021 we have planned to split our #mining in #Germany into several #mining subsidiaries and to set up a more complex #holding structure to match. We had long discussions and concepts with our #tax professional #Thomas #Breit from #Hamburg.

Once the planning was complete, we got to work and looked for suitable companies, or the holding company was set up again. The mining subsidiary GmbH’s were then quickly found and the #notary appointment also went smoothly.

The registration of the holding company as GmbH & Co KG was relaxed and easy.

But then nothing happened…

District Court Registration

No entry at the district court, no feedback on how to proceed.

Several weeks passed without any reaction or feedback.

Until then the #headquarters of the #FederalReserveBank called and asked for information about what exactly we were planning in the #crypto segment and what our business model looks like.

An extensive questionnaire was sent and we were required to respond in writing.

Federal Reserve Bank message

At first it was a big surprise what was asked for and wanted here. In the end, however, we were glad that this was done. After all, good #regulation helps to make the market safer.

After we sent the #statement, everything went smoothly and we received confirmation from the Bundesbank that we could take over the subsidiaries and change them to crypto. The same for the holding company.


Our customers need these constructs more often and we are always happy to help save a lot of time and effort here.

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