The #electricity and #gas prices, which have risen sharply in #Germany and are still rising, are on everyone's lips. We would like to refrain from making a political statement at this point. However, what keeps us busy is the large number of #companies that are gradually reporting insolvency. The latest report about the #insolvency announcement by the traditional company #Hakle (toilet paper manufacturer) is shocking. It wasn't until 2020 that toilet paper was considered a luxury item and two years later the bankruptcy followed due to the increased energy costs.

German and European citizens and entrepreneurs are very worried about the current situation and dissatisfaction is increasing.
We are also currently being asked every day how we are dealing with the #energycrisis and what we are doing positively about the situation. What, you will find out in the following lines.

Crypto mining is indeed a high-energy endeavor, and there is no denying it. Many small servers that only have one task - to solve complex arithmetic problems - to confirm the cryptocurrencies, transfer them and keep the cash book digitally.
Due to the skyrocketing electricity prices and the few opportunities to obtain electricity from alternative energy sources, crypto mining in Germany has become uninteresting for us and many others since the middle of this year.

The energy crisis also shook our main location in Bad Salzdetfurth. All the big plans had to be changed in a very short time. We operated a mining farm ourselves in Germany, until a few weeks ago, in beautiful Bad Salzdetfurth.
Today the giant halls are empty. Nothing is reminiscent of a mining farm. We have relocated all our own and customer projects to the #USA. German electricity prices of over 0.60 - 0.80 EUR/kwh would cause a severe minus in the cash register.

Due to our worldwide network, we have expanded our locations in the USA, in particular due to the use of alternative energies.
Using green electricity for our crypto mining was actually our goal for 2023.
These plans were put into action in no time at all and so we are currently operating our mining farm in the USA with 75% alternative energies. Our goal is clearly 100% alternative energy for all our crypto mining farms.

An absolutely unbeatable and incredibly attractive deal.
Our employees are our crypto miners. None of our employees - crypto miners - need to be laid off. They were packed, sent, connected and continue to work.
One thing has changed for our hosting customers, they receive a much more attractive electricity price for the same services. With 0.115 EUR/kwh. What more could you want!?

We see the energy crisis as a positive change for our company. Going greener is definitely a positive change. There will still be a German location with German contacts. Just not in the form of a crypto mining farm anymore.
Solution for your crypto miners
If you are also looking for a solution for your mining devices or would like to get started with crypto mining, you are welcome to contact us.

We offer our customers to host their own devices (third-party devices) with us. Of course, it is still possible to purchase mining devices from us and place them directly in the hosting.

If this is all new territory for you and you would like to learn more, arrange a video or telephone call with us. We will help you to answer your questions.

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