Beeminer | HIVE-S19-12 Immersion Oil Cooler – Mining Cooler

Beeminer Hive S19-12 imersions Tauchkühler ölkühler mining kühler bitcoin heizung


Cooler Name

HIVE S19-12

Maximum cooling capacity:

60 KW


Beeminer Hive S19-12 immersion cooler

The simple connection of your miners to the heating! Use the thermal energy of the miners

Matching miners

Series of the S19 series or identical

S19, S19j pro, L7, D7, etc.

Goldshell fits too

Optimal water consumption

0.3 m³/h

tank capacity

315 L

Electrical connection

5×35 mm² (copper)

pump power consumption

0.22 kw


1800 x 885 x 800 mm


110 kg