Make money as a real estate agent without actually working?

For many people, the job of a real estate agent is the epitome of luxury, earning a lot of money, working in a relaxed manner and earning an income with a few house tours.

How it really is

In real life it is very different and every broker knows what we are talking about. Even the procurement of a suitable property is becoming more difficult by the day, not to mention the competition and the online offers.
If you then really have a good offer in your portfolio, it takes a considerable amount of time and money to do the appropriate marketing for it.

License required – broker license GewO §34c

You can’t just start out as a broker. Many start with a tipster solution, but in order to receive the right and large commissions, we need a broker’s license according to §34c trade regulations. This can be obtained from the IHK.

How much money does a real estate agent make

Very often there are shared commissions through cooperation with portals or other real estate agents.
Let’s do an example with a high commission rate of 3.57%.

If you now sell a property worth e.g. 500,000 euros, you are entitled to a commission of 17,850 euros in the best case.
However, it can take a few months before the commission is paid. Even if the customer pays cash or buys without financing. Until the entries by the notary in the land register have been completed (notice of conveyance and co), no money will flow for the time being.
Once these hurdles have been mastered, then 17,850 euros are a nice reward.
However, every broker also knows that the road to get there is a long and often very, very tiring one.


Now how do you make more than a real estate agent?

Very simple: You become a partner in our affiliate program and advertise our shop with crypto miners and crypto mining investments.
The starting commission of 5% alone is already higher than the generally highest brokerage commission. In addition, you also receive a commission of 0.5% on all recommendations from your customers – even 6 levels down (so the customer, your customer, recommends a customer and even from this you receive a permanent commission).
With more sales, you can increase your own earnings commission to a maximum of 8.5%.
All commissions are for life with us and include customer protection.
Once the customer or shop has referred you, you will receive your payments permanently.

Affiliate earnings example

Here is an example with the starting commission of 5% and an investment of 500,000 euros:
You refer a customer who invests 500,000 euros in mining.

Immediately after the customer pays, the commission of 25,000 euros will be booked to your wallet in our partner program. You can see all your network’s clicks, orders, deals and referrals in your online section of the affiliate program. Payment is made once a month, either in euros or as a crypto miner.

In the highest commission level you earn 8.5%! This corresponds to earnings from the above customer of 42,500 euros.

Earning from your affiliate network

If one of your recommendations brings a 500,000 euro customer, you also earn 2,500 euros – and you didn’t even lift a finger for it.
And even 6 levels deep with 0.5% commission each, i.e.

You mediate Frank
1. Frank: recommends Lisa
2. Lisa: recommends Marko
3. Marko: recommends Sven
4. Sven: recommends Thomas
5. Thomas: recommends Elena
6. Elena: has a client for a 500,000 euro crypto mining investment

The earnings are as follows:
1. You: 2,500 euros
2. Frank: 2,500 euros
3. Lisa: 2,500 euros
4. Marco: 2,500 euros
5. Sven: 2,500 euros
6. Thomas: 2,500 euros
7. Elena: 25,000 euros

Who buys crypto mining anyway?

None of our customers come to us and want to buy crypto mining hardware, but everyone wants to receive the great and lasting earnings from mining.
In the end, they are all customers who want to invest money and make a living from it. Crypto mining is a lot like earning income from real estate, only it is extremely volatile and of course the hardware cannot last 30 years+. This is why the yields are so extremely high.

So we currently have a deep crypto winter behind us and all crypto currencies have fallen sharply in price. So does the income, but also the hardware prices for the crypto miners. A crypto miner is a small, high-performance server that is just mining 24/7. For more income, simply set up several miners.

How much does the customer still earn if so much commission is paid out?

As of today, September 30th, 2022, a new customer has between 2 and 5% return per month on his investment (if he sets up the miners with us in the cheap USA or Dubai hosting. Hosting means that we take care of the hardware and the customer receives his daily crypto payouts directly to his wallets).
So if the customer invests his 500,000 euros, he currently earns between 10,000 and 25,000 euros per month – that’s 120,000 to 300,000 euros a year – even with these low crypto prices.

What happens to the mining investment when prices rise back to the level at the start of the year?
Then the earnings are about 3 – 10 times higher, depending on the selected miners.

Why is not everybody doing it?

Tens of thousands of people and companies around the world are already mining crypto.
More than 1 billion USD are paid out in mining commissions worldwide every month. It’s become an incredibly large industry.
And now you can also become part of it: Be it as a partner and / or as a miner.

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