Advantages of a Crypto Mining Farm

Details: Crypto Mining Farm Investment

Why not go to a country where electricity is cheap?

Many mining farms are operated at extremely cheap electricity locations, but this has brought with it considerable disadvantages several times in the past. So the country's favorite China and now Kazakhstan was simply taken off the grid, or mining was banned there.
We prefer locations that allow mining to be planned and are willing to accept a higher electricity price here. It can be done

We MINE Bitcoin and more

Bitcoin is the industry leader, the undisputed #1 and should always be included in a healthy lineup.

Then there are other strong yield generators, such as Ethereum, Kadena and Litecoin.

bitcoin versicherung

Full insurance coverage

A claim occurs faster than you think and if you don’t have full insurance coverage, your eyes will widen.

All our farms are carefully assessed and insured together with our special insurance broker Mr. Heilbrock.

Even loss of earnings is covered.

How much does a farm cost?

The larger the investment, the larger the monthly payouts.

So you can build a farm for 0.5 million or for 500 million.

The target investment should be determined in advance in order to select the power output accordingly or to plan expansions in good time. ​

Bitcoin Mining Farm Kaufpreis
Investment Crypto Mining Farm

Up to 9.4% return per month

The earnings of a farm depends very much on the chosen coins, the location and other factors.

We achieve returns of up to 5% per month in European locations (yes, including Germany).
And that's not even including all the tax benefits.

Tax advantages in Germany

These two impressive tax concepts were developed by our partner, the specialized management and tax consultancy Thomas Breit

Can you also finance or lease a farm?

There are different financing approaches and this should always be discussed with the tax advisor.

Clever leasing can make more sense than conventional financing.

Financing is only possible if the applicant or the company has a good credit rating. Project financing only through the return on the mining farm is not possible.